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Coyote Howling

Coyote Howling

Lonely Howling Coyote

Swinging with Sis

two girls one swinging the other

Round and Round

Headed to the Bank

headed To The Bank With A Wagon Full Of Money

Cash on Wheels

Cold Hard Pizza

Cold Hard Pizza

Good Hand-off Pizza Delivery 100 AD

Oro Valley Public Art Carrabbas

OV Public Art Carrabbas

Pasta Dog


Sculpture of lightening

Lightening Catcher

The Pizza Handoff

Pizza being passed like a baton in a race

Good to the last slice

The marathon of life is often run on the fuel of pizza.

The Photographer Photographing

The Photographer self portrait

Mirror self almost

Copper Stallion

Copper Stallion

The Newest Stallion in the Art Herd

Framing Oro Valley Vistas

Oro Valley Public Art on Tangerine Rd

One of Several pieces along Tangerine Rd